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Below are many Creative Teaching Strategies included in the Professional Development workshops that help students build academic skills and increase engagement.

Initiative Strategies: How to

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Creative Teaching is an innovative instructional approach that produce powerful learning outcomes by requiring students to:

  • Create physical or mental models
  • Generate ideas
  • Analyze and synthesize
  • Transfer contexts and translate symbol systems
  • Add their point ov view during instruction task design

These Creative Teaching Strategies have been selected because they are flexible across the lesson cycle and the curriculum, easy to learn to do well quickly, drawn from artistic traditions, and are grounded in research. These instructional techniques can be incorporated into lessons in any subject matter. Each technique offers a unique contribution to a teacher’s instructional design. Some strategies help students generate an abundance of ideas, some strategies help students synthesize their learning for greater comprehension, some strategies help students connect the content to their own lived experienced. Teachers select the best instructional strategies to meet their learning goals.