To Ensure that Each and Every Child Benefits from the Arts and Creative Learning

The Creative Learning Initiative is an investment in the future of Austin. By ensuring every student is experiencing creative learning and the arts in and out of school, Austin students are better prepared for school and life. Led by MINDPOP, Austin ISD, the City of Austin and more than 200 arts organizations, this community-wide initiative is supported by an open collective of people and organizations that are using a systemic, sustainable approach and an innovative instruction model to transform education in Austin.

Measuring Success

Students of 3,500+ teachers in 90+ schools served
Percent of teachers report increased student engagement
Percent higher attendance rates in arts-rich schools

Research shows students of teachers using creative teaching strategies are attending school more (.61% in 2015-2016) and are passing STAAR reading (8% more likely) and math (3% more likely tests at a higher rate. The difference is greater for the pass rates on the advanced reading (50% more likely) and advanced math (25% more likely) for students of teachers competent using creative teaching strategies. The Creative Learning Initiative is increasing students access to the dance and drama education and CLI students experience twice the number of community arts partners than do non-CLI students. Learn more

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